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Quality policy (Certifications)

Quality policy (Certifications)

About us - Quality policy (Certifications)

Luka established and documented quality management system that maintains and improves in accordance with requirements of international standard ISO 9001: 2008.

Quality in the Port of Zadar inc. means to meet the client in every work that we have entrusted us. Policy of Luka Zadar inc. is to achieve customer satisfaction through careful management of work processes by giving full attention to specific terms and conditions as well as control costs with special emphasis on safety and environmental protection.

Our goal each year is to increase traffic until we reach maximum capacity of the port and supporting infrastructure, keeping to a minimum or complete elimination of complaints from customers and increase their satisfaction.

Luka Zadar inc. will determine satisfaction of customers and use such knowledge for continuous improvement of its services.

Management of the Company
Nikola Dragičević dipl.oec.



Gaženička 28
23000 Zadar, Croatia


Tel: +385 23 342 511
Fax: +385 23 342 630