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Principles of operations

Principles of operations

About us - Principles of operations

The mission of the Company is to be a reliable business partner that continuously adapts to the needs of its customers providing high quality of services. Both locally and globally, the Company intends to be a successful business entity that operates on the basis of business excellence.

Through strategic partners, the Company intends to provide new investment projects in order to improve position of port in Middle - Eastern Europe region.

The underlying mechanism for achieving business excellence and future plans based on the following principles:
• Customer focus - The Company depends on its customers and therefore should understand their current and future needs, meet their requirements and strive to exceed their expectations,
• Leadership - Leadership Company establishes unity of purpose and direction of the Company, creating and maintaining the internal environment in which people can be engaged fully in achieving the objectives of the Company,
• Continuous improvement - constant goal is to continuously improve the overall working ability of the Company.



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