Connection - General

Area of industrial warehouses and cargo ports Gazenica is optimally situated in a certain relation to the city and major transport routes and road, rail and maritime transport. Port Zadar is connected by modern motorway Zadar-tunnel St.Rok-Bosiljevo- Zagreb and Zagreb highway with all neighboring European countries. Port Zadar inc. directly connects four-lane road D424 which connects the highway knot Zadar II. As result of that Gazenica port is the only port on the Croatian coast from which special cargo (base and propellers for wind turbines) can be further supplied.

The Company has also been connected with the Croatian inland with two railways, Lika and Una, and from Zagreb with all neighboring European countries. Lika railway: Zadar-KninGospic-Karlovac-Zagreb is 424 km long, axial pressure of 18 Mp, max. height of 794 m.



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23000 Zadar, Croatia


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